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About The Trip

Top Reasons to go on BILT

The Programming and Leadership Experience

In just five weeks, you will join the Israeli army for a week, hike across the country, snorkel, rappel, kayak and more. Throughout these activities, you will acquire practical leadership skills that can be applied in your personal lives and in the greater Jewish community. You will leave Israel excited to return and make a difference.

Be Yourself, BILT Yourself

BILT offers an accepting and safe atmosphere where you will feel comfortable being yourself. Through meeting different types of people, you will learn more about yourself and challenge yourself to greater heights.

Gain Inspiration

One of BILT’s goals is to infuse teens with a love for Torah and passion for Judaism. Through discussions, touring and learning, you will develop a deeper connection to Judaism.

Learn to Advocate for Israel

Hear from experts about the political situation in Israel and become a partner in advocating for Israel. Learn how to live life to the fullest in the place where we all yearn to return. Boys on BILT return with the necessary skills and tools to confidently advocate for Israel.

Tour Israel through a New Lens

Traveling around Israel through the lens of leadership helps teens develop a new level of love, respect and appreciation for the land of Israel.