Eitan Ungar

“BILT offered us an unforgettable experiences – ranging from 4 days in the army to running a camp for Israeli kids who were victims of terror attacks. We were taught to use the skills and lessons we learned throughout the program and apply them in […]

David Shabotinsky

“Coming on BILT made me view the world in a totally different perspective, becoming more of a caring individual, while still enjoying an amazing schedule packed with awsome trips that include a four day hike, water rafting, living on a military base, mountain climbing, and […]

Noam Suissa

I was a camper on the most amazing summer program ever: BILT! These five weeks changed me in so many ways. I’ve acquired discipline, responsibility, and leadership! Thank you BILT!!!

Jacob Namrow

“Inspiration comes easy- the short, magnificent and captivating spark is very easy to be fixated by: only to see its light die out soon after. It is taking that inspiration, that initial spark, and turning it into a roaring fire, creating it into meaning throughout […]