BLOG -Summer 2016

BILT Blogger Chanan Oshry – Tour of Blez

At the Belz shul, our tour guide, a Belz chassid, showed and told us about the history and structure of the charedi community. We learned about the charedi life style and their traditions. We got a tour of the shul, which was built to look

BILT Blogger Evan Wood – Wake Boarding

Last week we went wake boarding. It was one of the most fun and exhilarating activities I have ever done in my life. When we arrived at the wake boarding arena I was very nervous watching people who looked professionals going off jumps and doing

BILT Blogger Mendy Fine – Our Shabbos in Mitzpe Ramon

O what a wonderful Shabbat, we spent in Mitzpei Rimon.  We basically had the whole hotel to ourselves and so we were able to use a bunch of the rooms for random stuff!  Friday night after getting all cleaned up and shmancy looking, we took some pictures and then went

BILT Blogger Chaim Rahmani – Scuba Diving in Eilat

Snorkeling was so much fun. I saw so many fish and other things. It reminded me that you dont need words to communicate with people. This was shown by doing hand motions for communication between the diver and the instructor. In all it taught me

BILT Blogger Shragi Rothberg, 7/31 – Reterno Facility

Today we started the day at a addiction center. We spent three hours of very inspirational speakers, with breaks in between of course. The speakers included a top psychologist and a young man that experienced a bad addiction. They were teaching us how bad an

BILT BLogger Elliot Berdy – The Free Weekend

This past weekend was an amazing experience. It was the first time in my life, that I actually it to feel what it was like to live in Israel. The first two Shabbats on BILT were amazing, although it was a different feel than what

BILT Blogger Aron Eskenazi, 7/31, Bat Caves

I am a BILTer named Aron Eskenazi and I want to tell u about the experience I had today in the bat caves. The bat caves were fun. It was quite exhilarating walking under the squealing bats. Many of us acted out being bats too