NCSY BILT 2018 – Week Three

Week three video! Watch till the end for a special message from Nissim Black! Thanks for letting us use your song “A million Years”. We started off by Oz ViGaon where we helped clean the area in memory of the three boys killed there, then


Heres is the NCSY BILT Week Two video! Its a bit late due to the 9 days and Tisha BaAv, but here it is! We started off our week with Yam LiYam and ended it in the Holy City of Yerushaliyam. Some of our NCSYers

Blind Museum, Leket, Yom NCSY

Hi my name is Sam Glick and on Wednesday August 2nd we went to the blind museum which was amazing and we got to experience how blind and visually impaired people live their lives. Then we went to volunteer at Leket which was interesting and

Hike, Derech Ohr Sameach, Kotel tunnel tours

Hi! My name is Ethan Jach! In the morning we went on a long, tiring hike. Things got interesting later, when we visited a Yeshiva. There, we did a Q and A with a fascinating rabbi. We also did a chevruta with the Yeshiva boys

Shabbos in Jerusalem and trip to Tiberias

Hi! My name is Menchem Fink, this is what we’ve been up to recently. Shabbos: On Friday we drove from our hotel in beit vagan to the kotel. We started with a powerful boosting speech from Noah Kalandar and the we began davening with just